There are 694,445 Google searches every minute. People who are searching for everything, including what your business has to offer.

Is your site reaching the audience it should through organic search?

Ciked has generated some extraordinary search results in this ever changing space. With over a decade of experience in search, our methods will not only increase your website traffic, but also help your business increase sales.

We know how much the search landscape has changed over the years and are proud to build search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that will position your business strongly for years to come. Our focus is to bring your business measurable results through organic search engine optimization widely accepted by major search engines like Google.

Your first step includes an overall SEO site audit where we look at various elements of your website. From accessibility to indexability; on-page ranking factors and off-page ranking factors we provide you with a complete site audit from top to bottom with recommendations for improvement.

From there, Ciked organic search team will work with you to determine the proper courses of action for on-page SEO while creating an ongoing off-site SEO strategy to help build the search authority of your site resulting in higher organic search rankings and more targeted traffic.

Talk to us today to find out how we can implement SEO to help your business reach new customers.

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