Over 1 billion people use various social media sites worldwide and with the increase availability of internet access, this number will only continue to increase. Many turn to social media to connect with each other, but also to search for reviews and recommendations of your products and services.

What do consumers say about your business on social media?

If you are not proactively monitoring or engaging on social media, chances are that you do not know the answer. When you are absent from the conversation, you have no control of what is being said whether it is good or bad. One key importance of proper social media management is that you will have your finger on the pulse of your brand and your industry.

Aside from monitoring your brand, social media is an excellent outlet to find new customers. It could be as simple as searching for users that have problems that your company provides a solution for and offering up some help. Additionally, social media allows your business to interact on a more personal level. Whether you are a small company or a publicly traded one; social media allows your business to put a face to the company.

People do business with people, not companies.

Using social media to humanize your company will allow you to cultivate and maintain relationships, monitor your brand, and ultimately grow your business. However, you must have a social media plan in place. Do you know which social media sites your customers are most likely to be found on? Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? Google+? Pinterest?

Ciked believes in using a holistic approach to social media management. We provide a range of social media management services including identifying the proper channels and audience, monitoring and responding, engagement campaigns, reporting, and strategy.

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