Every website should be using web analytics. Knowing what works and doesn’t work is key to any digital marketing campaign. By recording the actions and metrics of website visitors, we can better understand where did they come from and what did they do (or not do). From this data we can determine the reasons behind these actions and make necessary adjustments.

How do customers get to your website? What pages do they view?

Web analytics data offers you deep insight into every aspect of your website. We can view high level data such as number of site visitors, time on site, pageviews, and conversions. From there we can dig deeper to understand how they arrived to the site and what pages on the site they visited. From this data we can determine if there are any patterns in behavior and what may need to be done to change or increase certain behaviors.

Should we need to dig even deeper on an individual user level, we can develop funnels to see how many users followed a particular path and at which point(s) users abandon the funnel. Identifying these abandonments will allow for tweaks to be made to minimize this from happening again. It may turn out that users are missing the key call to action on the page. If this is the case, we can perform heatmap analysis to see where the users are clicking (or not clicking) on a page.

A heatmap analysis will not only show us where clicks are occurring, but we can also see what other areas they are interested (or not interested in). Additionally, we can also perform a scroll map analysis which will help us understand how much of a page the user is viewing. For example, if the user is not completely scrolling to the bottom of a page where a call to action button is, it could make sense to move this action near the top and see if it increases clicks and reduces abandonment.

There really is not much that we cannot track when it comes to your website. The first step is to install the web analytics tracking software so we can start to gather data. Upon gathering the data, we can build up a history of data to compare against the most current data in order to further understand trends.

The quicker you can understand your website visitors, the quicker we can identify areas of improvement and ultimately increase the efficiency of your website.

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