As a business owner, you more than likely have heard some discussion around Google+. Chances are you might have heard some good things as well as some bad things. Some of what you heard might have made you skeptical from getting your business involved on Google+.

However, by ignoring Google+, you could be preventing growth of your small business. Who wants to prevent business growth?

I’m willing to bet it’s not you.

But how do you separate the Google+ truths from the myths? With stats of course! I’ll reveal 6 myths about Google+ that keep your small business from growing.

1. Google+ Is  A Ghost Town

Perhaps one the biggest myths is that Google+ is a ghost town. I guess by ghost town you mean having over 300 million monthly active users?

Google+ has more monthly active users than Twitter. Surprising?

Why not put effort towards marketing your business to these 300+million users? I’d be willing to bet a proper Google+ strategy could provide benefits to your small business.

2. Google+ Is Not For Businesses

If you have heard that Google+ is not a place where businesses make a presence, I’ve got some news for you.

Did you know that 58% of Fortune 500 companies are using Google+?

That is roughly 290 major companies using Google+ to grow their business. While you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to use Google+, this statistic does show you the number of companies that are making Google+ part of their marketing and growth strategy.

3. Google+ Is For the “Tech” Crowd

Another Google+ myth is that the businesses that are on there primarily serve the tech industry. While there is definitely a tech presence, there are other industries that are active on the social network.

In fact, 94% of the Am Law 50 (top 50 law firms in the United States) have a Google+ profile. Of these, 30% are considered active accounts.

As evident by the presence of law firms, there is opportunity for all business types on Google+. While Google+ is still young for a social network (meaning your competitors are probably not on it), it is the right time for your business to get a head start on the competition.

4. Google+ Doesn’t Drive Engaged Website Traffic

An argument commonly associated with the “ghost town” mentality is that Google+ does not actually drive engaged traffic to your business website. However, according to this study Google+ users spend on average over 3 minutes engaging with content found on Google+.

The same study also notes that these users visit approximately 2.45 pages and have a bounce rate of 50.63%.

For a social referral channel, these are some decent stats as most social traffic results in minimal pageviews and high bounce rates. How could your small business benefit from engaged website traffic?

5. Only Millennials Visit Google+ Frequently

Going along with the common assumption that Google+ is just a bunch of tech savvy users, chances are that you might think that Google+ is overrun by Millennials. A recent survey of 60,000 adults tells us otherwise.

22% of US online adults visit Google+ each month.

Almost one out of every four adults are visiting Google+ each month. That same study notes that Google+ generates almost twice as much engagement as Twitter.

If your business is dedicating the majority of their efforts towards Twitter, it might be time to reallocate some of your resources to Google+. I’d be willing to bet your small business would like to see more engagement from its social efforts.

6. Nobody uses the Google+ Social Icon

Sure, it seems like everyone tweets, pins, or likes content on the web. I’d be willing to bet you would be surprised just how many people actually use the “+1” button for Google+.

The +1 button gets clicked over 5,000,000,000 times a day across the web (that’s 5 billion).

Think about it. Five billion. That is a lot of clicks. Not only does that show the reach and impact of Google+, but it shows opportunity for your small business. If your business is not currently implementing the +1 icon on your content, there is huge potential for a positive impact.

How To Get Your Business Started on Google+

Do these debunked Google+ myths change your stance on using Google+ for your business? Are you ready, but don’t exactly know where to start?

If so, you need to download our guide “Google+ For Small Businesses.” I detail everything you need to know about Google+ and how to use it for your business. Fill out the form below, or click here.

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photo credit: Joe Parks