There are over 327 million cell phones just in the United States and with the increase of smart phone use, more and more people not only send and receive text messages, but also email as well.

Is your business currently building and maintaining relationships through email or SMS marketing?

With the rise of mobile devices, this means that your potential customer is almost always within reach. No longer are people only accessible to at a computer, but now you can reach most at nearly any hour. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize this channel for building and cultivating ongoing relationships.

Email marketing is nothing new. However, many businesses abuse this tactic simply by spamming users too frequently, or worse, always trying to sell something. When in fact, you should take the time in your emails to discuss possible pain points that a person may have (while your product or service is obviously the solution), educate and inform them (build trust), or even ask them open-ended questions in order to generate a response and interaction.

A simple change in approach can not only generate better open and click through rates, but also will help your business build legitimate relationships.

Since most people receive email notifications on their phone, you no longer have to try to send emails during times when you think they will be at a computer. In fact, since your customers are more reachable than ever, SMS marketing makes perfect sense for many businesses.

SMS stands for short message service which is the same as text messaging. With SMS marketing you know you are targeting users on the go which is great for businesses that rely on walk-in traffic (restaurants, hair salons, bars, clubs, etc). Through proper utilization of SMS marketing, Ciked can help your business target these consumers at the right time. Most clients see a significant impact on their business through SMS marketing.

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