There are roughly 86,000 searches performed every minute that have never been searched for previously. Luckily for your business, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help position your company front and center of these potential searches.

Do you know what your customers type in when they are searching?

While we all like to think we know our customers, the truth is that no one person searches the same way as you do. This is why there are so many new searches performed every minute or every day.

Ciked understands the intricacies of search behaviors with over a decade of experience. We are able to understand the searchers intent and able to direct them to the most targeted place to answer their search query.

We have managed hundreds of thousands of keywords in paid search, including countless optimization tests and analysis that further drive sales to our clients. Working with Ciked will bring your business measurable results through PPC marketing.

Whether you have previously embarked into the PPC space or are completely new to it, we work with you to create a custom plan that is right for your business. No matter what your PPC budget is, or whether you are local or worldwide, we develop our plans to work with you by targeting your priority keywords and key messaging for each search channel.

Whether your customers can be found on traditional PPC channels like Google (Google Adwords) or Bing (BingAds), or on social media channels (SMM) like LinkedIn (LinkedInAds), Facebook (Facebook Ads), or Twitter (Twitter Ads); we can help identify the appropriate channels and create engaging campaigns to generate new customers for your business.

Our PPC services don’t stop after the click. In fact, we believe in utilizing retargeting campaigns that allow you to remarket to potential customers who may have not bought from you the first time they visited your site. Through remarketing, you can target these users as they browse the web.

Talk to us today to find out how we can implement SEM campaigns to help your business reach new customers.

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