Your website needs a domain and most importantly a home. Registering a domain and even setting up website hosting can turn into a complete nightmare.

Skip the Advil and give us the headache.

Just tell us what domain you would like and we can take care of the rest. From basic registration to private registration, Ciked handles all the details. In fact, should your dream domain have already been purchased, we can work to purchase it on your behalf saving you countless hours and headaches of negotiating.

A website does not start and stop with domain name registration, in fact, you will need a place to host the files and databases that power your website. Not for the novice, setting up website hosting has its own obstacles. You will need to setup nameservers, ANAME and CNAME records, IP addresses, and even SSL certificates.

All of this just to get your website launched.

Seems like a bit much…but wait, there’s more! You will need ongoing, monthly hosting for your website. In many cases you will need someone to manage your web hosting on an ongoing basis. Handling tasks like installing server updates, patches, virus prevention, etc.

Lucky for you, Ciked offers fully managed hosting solutions for all of our clients. Whether your website gets small amounts of traffic or large amounts of server melting traffic, we can customize a solution to fit your needs. Best of all, it is all hands free for you. No managing, no setting up. You get website hosting without the headache.

Let us have the headache of website hosting and domain registration.

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