Using Ruby on Rails (ROR) will allow your business to utilize a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to create a database driven website. Huh?

We speak geek and we mean it.

That’s enough for the geeky tech jargon, so let’s talk like real people. While Ruby on Rails sounds completely complex and convoluted, it is actually pretty straight forward. Ruby is one of the most effective ways to build a custom web application. A major hurdle to most small businesses is the cost associated with custom development.

Ruby on rails, due to its ease of implementation and development, can provide your business with a custom web solution at an affordable cost. No longer will your business be bound to high priced, off the shelf solutions that do not meet your business needs.

Ciked has the experience with Ruby on Rails to ensure your web development ideas are turned into an affordable reality.

Let’s talk about Ruby on Rails and how it might be a good fit for your web application needs.

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